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The JMS Group was founded in 2013 with a bold vision to create large-scale real estate projects spanning residential, commercial, and lifestyle domains. As a seasoned and accountable real estate firm, our objective is to cultivate a globally diversified, customer-focused, transparent, and centrally managed real estate portfolio that instills confidence in our clientele. We are a vibrant team of young and dynamic professionals committed to delivering the highest standards in residential & commercial community development for our customers.

Upholding the principles of transparency and sincerity, we set high benchmarks of customer delight. We are the pioneers in infusing innovation and passion into every project we undertake. In the decade of our existence, we have set the bar high with the utmost standards of professionalism demonstrated by our outcome-driven workforce. Across our diverse projects, our goal is to offer customers service and amenities that guarantee the highest quality of life.

With multiple acres of land bank spread across Gurugram and Sohna micro-markets, JMS Group has developed numerous residential and commercial projects. These projects are situated in Sectors 95, 95A, 93, and 102 in Gurugram and in Sohna's Sector 5. Going forward, we are set to expand our presence in other key high-growth markets with the launch of plotted as well as built-up development projects. This initiative aims to provide customers with access to high-end and innovative real estate offerings.

Our team serves as our greatest strength and support, providing us with professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This dedication keeps us fundamentally on the right track, which is to deliver the best to our customers.


We envision a collaborative future where, by fostering innovation and trust, we redefine the real estate industry, delivering exceptional value and achieving prosperity for all.


To elevate communities through exceptional, sustainable real estate development.

About JMS

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At the helm of JMS Group stands the dynamic force, Mr. Pushpender Singh, an ingenious pioneer who has left an indelible mark in the world of business and real estate. From donning multiple hats to orchestrating grand-scale ventures, his journey is nothing short of a saga. As our revered Managing Director, he has elevated the JMS Group to unprecedented heights through strategic partnerships, garnering widespread acclaim across industries.

Renowned for his unwavering ardour and sharp business acumen, Mr. Singh champions a culture of openness, principled governance and moral business practices. His visionary leadership has redefined the landscape, delivering avant-garde retail spaces and opulent hospitality experiences nationwide.

Driven by the belief that customer satisfaction is paramount, Mr. Singh steers the JMS Group towards new horizons, venturing into diverse real estate realms and spearheading monumental projects in the New Gurugram and Sohna.

Beyond his role as a real estate virtuoso, Mr. Pushpender Singh is a dedicated philanthropist, actively supporting initiatives that enhance the human experience. His multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication mirror the JMS Group's commitment to a purpose-driven vision, unwavering integrity and enduring impact.

Pushpender Singh

Founder’s Keynote

Step into the world of JMS, where every project is a manifestation of aspirations. Here, we don't just build, we weave stories into the fabric of reality. Our guiding philosophy is simple yet profound. We chase excellence relentlessly, infusing our craftsmanship, services and every little detail with a touch of magic. Our bedrock is a pledge to be reliable, fostering relationships woven with sincerity and an unwavering commitment to openness.

Above all, we are driven by people, placing their well-being above any other pursuit. While some may call it idealistic, our journey has proved that kindness and compassion can be our guiding stars. It's not always an easy road, but the rewards are immeasurable. Our endeavours over the last decade have etched an unwavering legacy for JMS Group, one built on mutual understanding and genuine connections.

Pushpender Singh
Pushpender Singh
Managing Director

Virender Singh


A respected industry veteran and farsighted business personality, Mr. Virender Singh has been a promoter and entrepreneur for many years. He is a technocrat and holds a B. Tech (CS) degree. He has a very strong background in technology innovation and also has a deep business interest in AR/VR technology. He is known for his professional and business acumen, as well as his passion for invigorating teams with drive and purpose. His social communication and relationships have led him to apply his intellect to various business ventures.

Virender Singh

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