JMS Group is a full spectrum company established in 2013 having a land bank of around 100 acres. This extensive licensed land is spread in Sectors 92, 93, 95 and 95A which has an added advantage of keeping us shielded from any unforeseen escalation in real estate prices and as we as an organization hold a debt-free status, our liquidity and transparency in terms of funding capability helps us sustain and plan our projects in a better manner in the realm of a high interest regime.

Our founding members are renowned professionals from the real estate fraternity who have been credited with achieving milestones in the yesteryears of the NCR real estate market, and it is our goal to develop a globally diversified, customer-centric, transparent and centrally-managed real estate portfolio. Our wide spectrum of expertise extends to Residential|commercial|Hospitality projects.

Transparency is paramount to our key values and we believe that this is most important to develop TRUST, and this has given birth to our company book ‘Integrity – Be Real’ which has all our licenses, approvals, permits, certifications and documents pertaining to land ownership titles. It is not only about a global profile but our young, flexible and dynamic organization consists of self-motivated teams of professionals with rich experience in varied industries where they show an impressive track record and a comprehensive & in-depth knowledge of the industry with an impeccable insight of customer needs, a know-how that is not easy to find. Enthusiasm, openness, honesty, a personal approach and a shared love of what they all do is a key quality in all our employees which are in sync with the core-values of the company.
Currently, JMS Group is developing around 8,04,284 sq. ft. of commercial projects in sector 95,93,102 new Gurgaon and shall gradually expand its footprint in the region with the launch of independent floors and plotted development in the next financial year. Our ultimate goal is to become the fastest growing customer-centric real-estate conglomerate in the near future, and with our clear-cut vision, professionalism, expertise and an unswerving faith in excellence keeps us fundamentally on the right-track and we can see ourselves achieving all that we aim for with the love and support from all our employees and customers.


  • Vision

A customer-centric vision is what drives us, which ultimately helps in a better & smoother flow of operations.

  • Mission

Our voyage together is all about enhancing the quality of life and to rise beyond expectations, all the while keeping our customers on top-priority always.

Our Values


We are progressive towards giving you a route where you can also progress and it helps us all to achieve what we all aim for


Professionalism is of paramount importance and the only thing that keeps us growing and moving ahead


We are a passionate bunch and our goal is to do better in life while giving you greater opportunities and expansive properties